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May 04 2013


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you’ve found  Weekend Hotel Deals – best travel deals ON THE WEB – only  $9.95 for your choice of Las Vegas, Orlando, Cancun, Hawaii, reno, atlantic city, puerto vallarta, branson, palm springs, orando AND hawaii and more!

Unbeatable Travel Deal – only $9.95 for THREE DAYS and TWO NIGHTS at any of these resort destinations LAS VEGAS travel deals, ORLANDO travel deals, CANCUN travel deals, ATLANTIC CITY casino, PUERTO VALLARTA travel deals, HONOLULU travel deals, NEW ORLEANS travel deals, cheap ATLANTIC CITY hotels, atlantic city boardwalk, MYRTLE BEACH travel deals, GATLINBURG travel deals,SAN ANTONIO travel deals, CHARLESTON travel deals,NIAGRA FALLS travel deals,BRANSON travel deals,PALM SSPRINGS travel deals,WILLIAMSBURG ravel deals,DAYTONA beach travel deals,HILTON HEAD travel deals,LAKE TAHOE travel deals -RENO travel deals –

Weekend Travel Deals, Weekend Hotel Deals,Las Vegas, Orlando, Cancun, Hawaii, etc.

Last minute hotel deals ,weekend travel ,best hotel deals ,weekend travel deals ,deals on hotels ,las vegas hotel deals ,orlando hotel, cancun hotel, new orleans hotel , myrtle beach hotel, hotels in orlando, puerto vallarta hotel,gatlinburg hotel, las vegas cheap hotels. Hard to believe but true! You pay only $9.95  for the entire weekend 3 days and 2 nights hotel accomodations plus the regular room tax (normally less than $15) with our CASH SAVER Certificate.



or SEND $9.95 check or money order for per each complete CASH SAVER Discount Travel Voucher,good for three days and two nights at any of above locations to: COUPON COUNTRY, 3527 Mt. Diablo Blvd. #288, Lafayette, CA 94549 or call 888-4-A-COUPON (888-422-6876) to pay by credit card


Here’s what some of our recent customers have to say about their trip:

“My wife and I recently returned from a Travel Saver Vacation in Las Vegas at the Key Largo. We had an absolutely wonderful time. The Service was great, the pool was cool, and the gambling was fun. The best part-the hotel reservations were free! We sincerely look forward to our return to the Key Largo Casino. We wish your company the best.” Mark and Kaylyn Regier Bakersfield, CA “We just wanted to thank you for our beautiful suite at the Rio in Las Vegas. It was beautiful and our honeymoon was perfect. Thanks again, and here’s a shirt from 99.1 Real Rock.” Sean and Kelly Crain Baxter, MN “We used your vacation certificate for our 39th wedding anniversary in Lake Tahoe. We couldn’t have asked for a better time. Our room faced the Lake and the staff gave us free breakfast and lots of casino coupons.” Marilyn Luston

Travel Deals

Weaverville, CA “Thank you so much for your generous offerings. The free stay and coupon books at the Key Largo was such a sweet, memorable experience at the tropical settings. Together they have added to our Las Vegas vacation trip with pampers and money savings.” Keith Han West Covina, CA “We were very impressed with our accommodations in Las Vegas. Beautiful gardens w/ fountains were a beautiful sight when we opened our door. We will definitely be coming back in the future.” C. Neukirch Seattle, WA “My wife and I took advantage of your promotion and stayed at the Key Largo in Las Vegas. We were extremely pleased with hotel personnel and the attention given our requests. Our stay was a memorable experience.” Everet Clifton Idaho Falls, ID “Just a note to let you know how much my family enjoyed our vacation in Las Vegas. My husband Richard won a $500 jackpot on a slot machine for the first time ever. Thanks for our free vacation.” Florence M. Dunn Portland, OR “We were very pleased with our stay in Anaheim. I recommend your offer highly. Also enjoyed the continental breakfast and pool every day.” Mary Price San Diego, CA “We had a pleasant stay in Anaheim in November. We were close to Disneyland and it was very convenient for our family. Thanks for the vacation.” Pam Davinson-Harper Dallas, TX Thank you for our trip to Reno. The Sands was a very nice place to stay and we were very pleased. We went May 16th and 17th. Thanks again.” Sheri Anderson Santa Cruz, CA

FAQ: Questions about the Holiday for Two.
QUESTION #1 How far in advance do I have to book reservations? ANSWER: All reservations on this offer must be booked at least 60 days in advance, a condition required by the participating hotels, and stated on your certificate. Your only cost will then be just a fee of less than $12 per night to cover room taxes. Discount rates starting at $35 per night, depending on city selected, are available if booking less than 60 days in advance. This information will be on your reservation form after you receive it. If you change to the Worldwide Travel Offer reservations may be booked seven days a week with as little as 30 days notice.
QUESTION #2 What is the name of the hotel I will stay in? ANSWER: There are hundreds of hotels used in this promotion. The booking agent you get assigned to will book your room at one of the participating hotels. They hope that you will return as a paying customer if you are satisfied with their property. In Las Vegas, the number one destination, all accommodations are booked at one of several major hotel casinos. In other cities hotels such as Wyndham, Howard Johnson, Ramada, Quality Inn and Suites, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, Red Carpet, Fairmont, Clarion, Sheraton, Hampton Inn, Comfort Inn, Hilton, Harrahs and many others are used in this promotion.
QUESTION #3 How long will it take to receive my offer once I mail it in to you? ANSWER: All orders are processed and shipped within 48 hours of Cash Saver receiving them.
QUESTION #4 Can I extend my stay.ANSWER: All reservation form explains how to book extra nights in each city.
The above questions were the result of thousands of calls monitored at Cash Saver. They were the 7 most commonly asked questions.

What type of hotel  accommodations will I receive on this offer?

First of all we guarantee that you will receive deluxe hotel accommodations in the city of your choice, or your registration fee will be refunded. In Las Vegas, our most popular destination, we have always provided accommodations at major hotel casinos.
Can I order more than one 3 day 2 night vacation certificate?
Yes, you may visit several different cities within a 12 month period, but you cannot visit the same city twice, for free rooms. This is where the room broker earns his money. You will have the opportunity to revisit all cities at a rate less than what the hotels charge, by booking through the room brokers for future visits.
Can I use 2 certificates back to back for 4 free nights?
No! Anyone caught using two certificates back to back or in the same city within a 12 month period will have their reservations cancelled.
After I pay the registration fee to Cash Saver what other costs will I be required to pay?
Just a fee to cover the cost of room taxes which is guaranteed not to exceed $12.00 per night, when following the terms and conditions, which require you to register your reservation form, book your rooms in advance, and not travel the week of a holiday or on weekends.
Are weekends & holiday weeks ever available?
Yes, by paying a discounted room rate from as low as $35.00 per night midweek and from as low as $60.00 per night on weekends depending on the city and the holiday week you wish to travel.
Do I get to pick the hotel?
No! You get to pick the city and the travel dates. We guarantee that your accommodations will be first class. We have never received a complaint about the hotels since all bookings are done at quality hotels.



or SEND $39 check or money order for complete CASH SAVER Discount Travel Voucher,good for three days and two nights at any of above locations to: COUPON COUNTRY, 3527 Mt. Diablo Blvd. #288, Lafayette, CA 94549 or call 888-4-A-COUPON (888-422-6876) to pay by credit card

MONEY BACK GURANTEE: 100% – 30 day money back guarantee. Simply return any item from Cash Saver with a note requesting a refund. If it has been longer than 30 days, please call our office and get an approval code to return the item. 1-888-422-6876 , Travel Country, 3527 Mt. Diablo blvd. #288, Lafayette, CA 94549

Weekend Travel Deals, Weekend Hotel Deals,Las Vegas



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Jul 13 2010

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